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Potty training: The kid's either ready -- or not



So far, my daughter has done two things in her potty: spit and fart. Mom_potty7

Yes, I know. I've got a long ways to go.

I got all excited about potty training my daughter when she turned 2 in December. I bought a separate potty chair and some pull ups (without the velcro side openers, which turned out to be a messy mistake). For Christmas, she got Elmo's Potty Time DVD.

We rolled out the new goodies with great anticipation and, to my delight, my daughter seemed quite interested. She sat on the potty to watch TV in the living room and proudly strutted around in her pull ups. It wasn't long before she spit in the pot. Then, farted. I was sure we were on our way.

We weren't.

She quickly lost interest in the new goodies and became annoyed by my constant, "Do you have to go to the potty?'' Her time on the toilet went from minutes to seconds, if that. Elmo's DVD became a Frisbee, landing plunk in the corner.

Then I heard about Teri Crane and her book, Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day. With a title like that, how could I go wrong?

Easily. Reading through the first chapters, I discovered my daughter wasn't ready to ditch the diapers. Although she showed some of the signs, like sneaking in the corner to do her business, she didn't show enough of them -- no matter how hard I wished she did.

Fortunately, Crane's book instructed me not to worry. Most kids are well into their 2s, or even 3s, before they're ready for the big potty. Give it a few months and try again. And this time, throw a potty party, Crane's secret to success.(Read my interview with her here).

So, for now, I'm biding my time, planning for the party and shopping for dolls that go pee. (Another one of Crane's suggestions.) I'm dreaming of that day when her time on the potty turns into something far more solid.

-- Susan Thurston, Times mom


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