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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Quidditch is now a muggle game



quiddich.htmQuidditch anyone? About 30 Florida colleges and high schools field teams of the game invented in the Harry Potter novels, and now even some high school and middle school kids are getting into the action. MOSI has a Quiddich Cup tournament coming Dec. 18. And as you can see by this great photo essay by our colleague John Pendygraft, for the Bartow High School quidditch team, the divide between fantasy and reality is brutal.

Those kids play on a lopsided drainage patch next to a retention pond in back of the school. After the first bloody nose, their muggle instructor decreed that brooms were too dangerous to be used in the game at all.  So they put on wizard capes and goggles, and run around pretending to fly on invisible brooms.  They get picked on and laughed at, but the taunters just "go on their Slytherin way," as John nicely puts it.

playquiddich.htmIf your own kid is interested, the MOSI Quidditch Cup is coming Saturday, Dec. 18. You can register as a team of six or as an individual who gets placed on a team. For their inaugural MOSI Quidditch Cup, the tournament will feature the Muggle Quidditch rules used by over 100 different schools and universities. Sign up your team of six people (two chasers, two beaters, one seeker, and one keeper)  Based on availability, participants who register as individuals will be assigned a team.

Program fee: $50 per team; $12 per individual           
MOSI member: $38 per team; $9 per individual
It's for all ages and it starts at 10 a.m. Dec. 18 on the museum grounds,  4801 E Fowler Ave., Tampa.

Call (813) 987-6000 to make reservations

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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Photos by John Pendygraft: Alyssa Ren, 18, poses with the quaffle (a painted volleyball), a bludger (actually a dodgeball), with Dorothy Kleissler, 17, at the Bartow High School quidditch pitch.


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