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Quote of the Day: Dr. Carol W. Greider, Nobel Prize winner for medicine



Www.nobel"One of the things I did with the press conference that Johns Hopkins gave was to have my two kids there. In the newspapers, there’s a picture of me and my kids right there. How many men have won the Nobel in the last few years, and they have kids the same age as mine, and their kids aren’t in the picture? That’s a big difference, right? And that makes a statement."

Dr. Carol W. Greider, 48, of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who on Monday won the Nobel Prize for medicine with co-researchers Elizabeth H. Blackburn and Jack W. Szostak for revealing the workings of chromosome features called telomeres, which play an important role in the aging of cells.

-- Sherry Robinson

[Getty Images: That's Carol Greider, above, with her children, Gwendolyn Comfort (left), 9, and Charles Comfort, 13, before the news conference]

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