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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Raymond, you need a Momma



I love taking my kids to Tampa Bay Rays baseball games. My husband and I are such big fans that weMom_raymondbirthday have had the kids signed up for the Rays Rookies kids club for as long as there has been one. Before Sunday's game, all the little Rookies were invited to a parade and birthday party for the team mascot, Raymond. Last week, I encouraged you to go -- but I'm sorry to say that the party and parade were a big letdown.

More than 100 fidgety kids stood for about an hour waiting for the parade to start. After being hustled across the field in about five minutes, the kids were told to go to Raymond's Room for a party. But the room across from the food court is very small and there was nothing to do except sign his birthday card. If Raymond was ever there, we missed him.

Next year, they should let someone with lots of experience planning kids parties run the show. In other words, a Momma. 

Here's what I would do: Have an actual birthday party for the kids with Raymond before the game. Let parents take pictures of their kids with the furry one. That way, parents won't have to be shooed out of the small room, as they were on Sunday, while trying to get a picture of something from the festivities.

There can even be a real birthday cake -- or better yet, those pull apart cupcakes (like this Shrek one from Publix) that make any celebration a lot easier. Then just before the game, have the kids march around the field with Raymond leading the way. And as the kiddos exit the field, Raymond would be there to give each one a high five. That would be a good way to promote the team as well as give the kids an experience they will remember for quite some time.

-- Sherry Robinson

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