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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Sarah Palin action figures now on sale (what, no Joe Biden with the kung fu grip?)



Mom_palinsuit It seems that people can't get enough of Sarah Palin. Since the announcement that she was joining the Republican ticket as the vice presidential nominee, there have been magazine covers and appearances with running mate John McCain. Now Hero Builders toymakers are selling a Sarah Palin action figure.

The three dolls, which cost from $27.95-$29.95, feature Palin as an executive in a dark suit; as an action hero a la Lara Croft, in a trench coat, mini skirt and what looks like a gun strapped to her leg; and as a faux-Britney Spears school girl in a low-cut blouse, peekaboo red bra and a plaid mini skirt. Not sure what kind of action they are going for there.

Palin isn't the only one who has an action figure. Hero Builders also has dolls for McCain, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.(The one for John Edwards wears a T-shirt that says, "Rogue." Did the National Enquirer suggest that one?)1_palin_super_hero_sm

For Palin, I wonder if they will add a version that carries a hockey stick? Or maybe one with hunting clothes and a rifle? Of course, a genuine Momma action figure would show Mom_palinschoolgirlus doing about 47 things at once. But so far no toymaker has figured out how to make one that's both unbreakable and tender-hearted.

-- Sherry Robinson

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