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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

A scary thing happened on the way to my inbox...



My spam goes to quite unbelievable lengths to get me to open it. Mom_email

I’m sure you too delete all of those emails promising you misspelled drugs, replica watches and di$count designer handbags. I know you have also trashed untold numbers of foreign lottery winning notifications and bogus eCards from “a friend.”

You are like me -- a savvy, sophisticated dweller of the Interweb who can smell a phishing scam a mile away and who knows darn well your family tree does not include a Nigerian royalty branch to whom you should send your bank account numbers.

I delete these things every day in my morning computer ritual which includes checking my favorite blogs over a cup of coffee.

But today my inbox was downright scary. And I don’t mean just the fake frightening headline spam like, “Paris Hilton Stars in Movie Life of Mother Teresa,” but a spam subject line that stopped me dead in my tracks.

From some made-up name, the subject read, “We have hijacked your baby, see the photo.”

Now my rational mind knew it was a hoax, but my heart sank to my stomach as I leapt up to check on the baby who was, of course, safe and sound sleeping in her crib. I didn’t open the link, because when I moused over the words, it showed a pretty suspicious .zip file that would surely send screaming, flying monkeys from my computer screen as I spontaneously combusted at the keyboard, never to be blogged from again…

I joke now, but I was pretty spooked there for a minute. The thought that spammers could go from appeals to ego, greed, and sensationalism to preying on my greatest fear as a mother is the single most terrifying thing on the Internet.

Even scarier than Paris Hilton starring as Mother Teresa.

-- Suburban Diva

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