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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Scary Words for Mommas



Mom_scaredwomanHalloween frights are different for different people, but for Mommas, sometimes they come in the form of five words or less. Here are a few to frighten you on this most evil of days:

“The sitter is sick.”

“It’s just a virus.”

“The lizard got out.”

“The cafeteria needs volunteers.”

“It’s an iCarly Marathon!”

“It’s due today.”

“Can thumb drives get wet?”

“Where’s the handcuff keys?”

Play-Doh+glitter glue+Sharpie+Dog (In any combination or order)

“You’re invited to Chuck E. Cheese”

“What’s that smell?” (No matter what the answer.)

“License and registration.”

“Can we keep him?”

"Hi, this is (fill in name) school calling . . ."

“We’re out of milk.” (May substitute diapers or coffee)

“Pay for gas inside.”

“Buy one get one free!” (When pertaining to Oreos or Moon Sand)

“I changed my mind.”

“We lost your reservation.”

“I left the bag of Hershey’s in the car.” (Okay, that’s 9, but scary nonetheless.)

“Lice was found in class…”

Let me know what five or so words frighten you. Happy Halloween, Mommas!

-- Suburban Diva

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