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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

See Jaws for $2, if you dare



JawsWould you let your kids see ''Jaws?'' The Beach Theatre in St. Pete Beach is showing it Saturday as part of its 70s Day weekend of great flix from the disco decade, and they have the movies at the 1975 price of $2. We mentioned it in our story recently about how to have fun this summer for $5 or less.  That's when my 10 year old mentioned wanting to see ''Jaws'' and I of course said no way. Then it occurred to me that I was 9 and a half in 1975 and was the first in line at the Tyrone mall movie theater that summer to see the PG-rated beach horror. My parents weren't lax, far from it. I was one of the few in my class who never saw R-rated movies and I missed those first great seasons of ''Saturday Night Live'' because, unlike my classmates who were swapping Conehead jokes, I had a bedtime even on weekends. But I also walked alone to school a good 2 miles away in the second grade. I don't know anybody who would let a little girl do that today.

Just look at the uproar over the Manhatten mom who let her 9 year old take the subway home all by himself in New York City. There was so much outrage that she started a blog called Free Range Kids to combat the helicopter parenting that she thinks holds kids back.

Maybe she has a point. I won't be sending my kids to Crazy Larry's Summer Camp, but it probably is time to allow and even encourage them to do some "dangerous'' things so they learn how to be functioning human beings.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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