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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Seize the day!



Recently, I learned that a woman I highly respected as a child would bury her son at the age of 26. Mom_familytime Allegedly, her son died a senseless death when his attempt at playing peacemaker in a schoolyard-like dispute went south fast after someone pulled out a gun. His demise got me thinking: No mother should have to bury her child no matter the circumstances. But more than that, tomorrow is NOT promised.

So I’m making a list of things I need to do just in case I don’t have as many tomorrows as I’d like. By no means is it a Bucket List, but I have been thinking about doing things that will make the most of my family life in the here and now.

I aim to:

   1. Date my husband. Sure hiring a sitter can be expensive. But making time for the union that made us a family in the first place can’t continue to be an item we push down on our to-do lists. Going out once a month would be a good start. Economic times being what they are, we could have date nights at home after we put our 18-month-old to bed. How about dinner and a DVD? Or maybe we can plan a lunch date, when daycare is already in hand.

   2. Take my daughter to see things. Before I became a parent, I always said I wouldn’t take my child to theme parks or other things that cost a mint before she was old enough to appreciate and remember them. Well, scratch that. We’re joining the zoo, going to the aquarium and tromping down nature trails. Even if my 18-month-old can’t yet verbalize what she’s seeing, I know she’ll benefit from the experience. I’ve got proof. Her eyes gleamed when I took her to see a professional fireworks show on Independence Day. For now, Disney is still out. But when the weather cools, maybe I’ll budge.

   3. Unplug more often. Turn off the computer. Ditto for the television and the crackberry. Get outside and explore. Bored with her toys, my daughter loves taking walks in the evening. We explore nature together, exercise and meet our neighbors. An added benefit? Since we started a few weeks ago, I’ve lost three pounds!

   4. Be present in the here and now. There really is no time like the present. I can enjoy my 85-year-old grandmother now. I should let my daughter play in the sprinklers more often. And I should treat those people I claim are dear to me as if they are. Right now.

-- Sherri Day

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