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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Set some goals for the school year



In keeping with our pledge as slacker moms to get our kids to do more for themselves, we turned to one very together woman to tell us how to teach our kids to be organized so we don't have to be.

Carol Evans is an expert on the subject of work-life balance, as the founder of Working Mother Media, and publisher of "Working Mother" magazine, she knows something about setting goals and acheiving them. In an e-mail to Whoa, Momma! she offers this advice before the school year gets started:

What are some habits or routines that the kids should start doing for themselves?

Kids should focus on making a habit of setting goals for themselves.  This can give them the sense of accomplishment and confidence that sets them up for big things in their lives.  Chores at home are also a habit that kids should focus on -- they may think it’s horrible at first but not only does it teach them the value of a clean room or house, but also the importance of accountability.

What are habits or routines the parents needs to do?

Sit down with your child and see what they hope to accomplish this school year and what they can do to get there.  Parents should also meet with their child’s guidance counselor and teachers regularly to ensure that their child is taking a challenging course load that sets them up for success in the future.  Parents can also push the importance of education by using what their child is learning in school and showing how it relates to use in the real world, such as using math to calculate their allowance.

What is the most important habit in staying organized?

Parents should get into a routine of organizing as it will pass on more easily to their children.  Staying organized is a healthy habit and can help keep them on top of their homework, chores and other responsibilities that will help them succeed now and in the future.  Being on a daily routine helps children become goal-oriented, learn efficient use of time and teaches discipline.

Just for fun, what's your favorite retro school supply (a Jackson 5 lunchbox perhaps? A TrapperKeeper, mechanical pencil?)

A new notebook. Even when I was in school, I loved to write and loved the smell of a new notebook with all its possibilities.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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