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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Sexy and scandalous Barbie



Mom_blackcanary_2 Check out the new collector Barbie that Mattel (which also brings you the American Girl dolls) will be trotting out in September. It's based on the DC Comics heroine Black Canary (canary for the scream she makes to stop villains as she's flaunting her martial-arts expertise). Her signature outfit of black leather and fishnet stockings is creating a buzz on blogs. One Christian group called it "fiflth."  I checked out the Barbie with my two daughters. Know what they said? "That's Hannah Montana!" Egads, there's a reality check for you. My 8-year-old went on: "I love her style and how she dresses." I asked her if she would wear the outfit. "I'm not sure where," she said, "but I would just wear it." Another egads! I pointed out that Barbie is not exactly wearing a whole outfit and she caved: "I like her boots and I love her jacket. It just feels to me that she isn't wearing pants." Right on, chica. Let's be clear that this is a collector Barbie, part of a line of dolls that is more expensive than the ones you have crammed in a box somewhere. This one is listed for $39.99 at Toys R Us. And Mattel has a disclaimer that says: "For adult collector, age 14 and over." And really, looking around the Barbie Collector site, I couldn't help but think this is not the worst thing out there. My vote? The 80s Cher "Bob Mackie" Doll. Pants aren't all she's missing.

-- Amy Hollyfield

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