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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Sexy tween Halloween costumes: Four words that should never go together



Mom_meangirlshalloween If you've been to a Halloween party lately, you know that women don't dress as Snow White or Santa's Helper. They go as Slutty Snow White or Santa's Sexy Helper, anything that shows a lot of skin.

Partygoers will tell you it's about looking your best and showing confidence, not to mention you can dress like a sleaze for a night without getting called one, like that scene from the Lindsay Lohan movie, Mean Girls.

Sure, I understand all that. I've actually succumbed to it. A few years ago I went to 13 Ugly Men's Halloween party wearing a tube top -- for a skirt!

But I draw the line when it comes to young girls, particularly those who still have the figures of yardsticks.

Take Noah Cyrus, Miley's little sister who's 9. She recently was seen Mom_noahcyrus wearing a super short number with high-heeled black platform boots. Supposedly, she's a vampire or a witch. It's really hard to tell.

Regardless, as the mother of a young daughter, I find it totally inappropriate. Those boots belong on strippers and that skirt begs for some leggings underneath. Talk about scary.

I'm no prude, but I don't think fourth-graders should go around looking like adults, even in the name of  Halloween. It's bad enough these days that high school girls look like they're in college. Elementary students should never be described as sexy. I guess it's too much to expect the young daughter and sister of celebrities to dress as Tinker Bell or a cheerleader. Remember Miley's photo shoot for Vanity Fair or more recently in Elle?

Still, I would hope that regular moms think twice before allowing their tween to wear a costume that screams sex appeal. Dress kids as kids and, if they must, save the sexy stuff for themselves.

-- Susan Thurston, Times mom

[Mean Girls from Paramount Pictures; Noah Cyrus from the Associated Press]

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