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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Shopping for men's gifts stinks



Guygift Have you noticed all the buying guides for guys are lists of really expensive stuff like an Xbox or an iPod? Where's the male equivalent of a $40 bottle of perfume or a pretty nightgown? Where I have really hit a brick wall is the older men in my family. A 70-something guy just doesn't need much. I've been quizzing all my friends on this and I'll share with you some of their ideas on the hard-to-buy-for men (And Dad, please stop reading now):

Gift cards I have a love-hate relationship with gift cards. I love to get them, but I hate to give them because it feels like a lame cop out. You can get over that embarrassment if you take the time to get gift cards from stores and restaurants you know he likes.

Mail order food Consumables are a nice gift for people who have everything.  Get him something from Zingerman's or  awesome crab cakes from a mail order place in Baltimore or some nice wine. Stock his fridge with what he likes.

Experiences My friend Dalia prefers to give gift cards that are "an experience" like a restaurant gift card, tickets for a play. You can even get gift cards from StubHub now, so he can buy sporting event or concert tickets.

DVDs They really are doing a nice job these days of packaging DVDs into gift-worthy experiences. The price range isn't bad either, mostly under $100.

Game or movie gadget Here's my one nod to those expensive guy-gift lists. If you have a good budget or if you want to pool resources with your siblings,  a game or movie system will give you lots of gift giving ideas in the future. Buy him a Wii this year and get him the latest senior-friendly Wii game next year. The Blu-Ray movie player prices are falling below the $150 mark (WalMart even has one for $78) and think of all the movie sets in his future. 

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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