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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Stop doing everything for your kid



I'm an enabler. But I'm trying to quit.

You can look up the definition, but basically it means you do too much crap yourself because it's easier than fighting with your kid to do it. And because you want it done right. Translation: your way. Problem is, it lets the kid off the hook.

You know, wet towel on the floor, I hang itMessy_2 up. (Hey, it'll mildew!) Clothes strewn everywhere, I put them away. Mom, can you get me a glass of water? Sure. Heck, I even turn on the shower for my 8-year-old so she doesn't have to do it herself.

Why? Because I always have. Somewhere I missed the "she's not a baby anymore, she can do it herself" transition. My bad, not hers.

Some of the comments on our story "10 resolutions for the slacker mom" got me to thinking. It's not so much about moms being lazy, but about making kids share more of the responsibility.

Good idea. So this week I stopped picking up stuff in my daughter's bedroom and in the bathroom we share. Clothes/towels are piling up on the floor. (Just waiting for the dog to pee on them. Geesh.) The dresser drawers are wide open. I didn't make the bed.

Yay me! Way to take a stand!

But truth is, it's hard to live with the mess. Will it be worth it?

Do I have the guts to stick it out?

--Kelly Smith, Times mom

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