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Student collapses from asthma attack because school form isn't signed

inhaler.jpgYou may have missed this news in the long holiday weekend, but last week a school nurse in Deltona, near Orlando,  made headlines when she allowed a student to collapse in an asthma attack because his medical form allowing him to use his inhaler wasn't signed. What bothers me is that the school district seemed to go out of its way to stand by the nurse. I could forgive a nurse for panicking and reverting to her training but I just don't understand a school system not saying something along the lines of,  "Of course a child's life is more important than our rules." The 17-year-old  had a prescription inhaler with his name on it and she let him collapse because of no paperwork?

According to the story, school leaders called Sue Rudi when her son started having trouble breathing. She rushed to the office and was taken back to the nurse's office by school administrators and they discovered the teen on the floor. "As soon as we opened up the door, we saw my son collapsing against the wall on the floor of the nurse's office while she was standing in the window of the locked door looking down at my son, who was in full-blown asthma attack," Rudi said.

The mother has said in subsequent stories that she did send in his paperwork and has a copy of the fax from the doctor's office, so it could be the paper was lost. Even so, even if she had, after 12 years, forgotten this year to send in the form, is it really defendable to say it's the mother's fault? As you can probably guess the family has hired a lawyer, and started a petition. Their point is this could happen to anyone because it is state law that officals cannot administer medication without the proper paperwork. Their lawyer says the law needs to change.

I thought this blog had a good question, we have rules in place for a reason but how can we re-authorize people to use common sense?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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