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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Summer camp horror story No. 1



Mom_sadgirl The other day my husband picked up my 8-year-old daughter from summer day camp with the city of Tampa Parks and Recreation. She was withdrawn, upset and pale.

Turns out, she says that she and a friend had been threatened by another 8-year-old, upset about some problem with the computer. As my daughter tells it, the girl said: "You better tell your friend to watch it, because I've got a knife in my backpack and I'm going to get it and stab her."

What?? Seriously? My daughter walked away from the threatening girl, but did not tell anyone in charge.

My husband took up the incident with the counselors and checked on my daughter's friend. The girl in question was pulled out of camp, her backpack searched (nothing found) and sent home. She was not allowed to come back the next day, but returned after that.

Meanwhile, my daughter is like, what is going on? And I'm like, how can I send her back there? I have awful thoughts in my head about the girl sneaking any blunt instrument into her backpack and using it against another camper. And then I think, it's probably just something she heard and it's not really something to worry about. And what I really want is for the kids to be constantly supervised so things like this don't happen -- or escalate.

But come on, isn't my daughter too young for this? We had a long talk about sticking with her friends, staying away from the girl and keeping an eye out for counselors. She went back today without complaint, with the girl in attendance, too. (She did worry that the girl would make up stuff to get her in trouble for payback. I'm like, well, yes, that could happen.)

This Momma is worried sick. So are her friend's Mommas. Can't we just enjoy the summer?

-- Amy Hollyfield


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