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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Surgery a success



 A few months ago, I shared my anxiety about my daughter’s impending surgery to have her adenoids removed. Some of you were supportive and gave me tips about what to expect. (Thank you.) Others let me have it because I worried about a minor surgery when other children face far more invasive and life-threatening procedures.

And now for the big reveal: Mommas, Poppas and other sages, you were right. The surgery went extremely well. Yes, my daughter knew something was up the moment she slipped into her yellow Tom and Jerry hospital gown. While we waited for hospital staff to take us to the operating room, she kept asking to go the bathroom. She didn’t really have to use the potty. At 22 months, she’s smart.  She just wanted out.

I suited up in scrubs so I could be present while the anesthesiologist put her to sleep. I held her hand while she drifted off. The doctors and nurses told me she was a brave girl. I was too. I didn’t pace. I did pray.

I was only halfway through my morning paper when the doctor came to the waiting room and declared Mom_icecreamcones the surgery a success. Later on that evening, my girl was back on her feet taking full advantage of the doctor’s instructions to spoil her. She turned up her nose at my homemade mashed potatoes. Instead, she had ice cream for dinner.

At her follow-up appointment, the surgeon said she seemed to be healing just fine. In addition to the adenoidectomy, she had a frenuloplasty , a procedure that nips a bit of the connective-tissue underneath the tongue. The procedure coincided with rapid language development for her age group. No longer tongue-tied, my daughter now shares a handful of new words every day.

We are grateful things went well. Because I’m a bit of a hawk, trust that I’ll be watching.  

--Sherri Day

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