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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Taste test: Yogurt for kids



yogurts.jpgWe love colleague Kathy Saunders' team of expert tasters as they tackle everything from gourmet coffee to frozen pizza. Recently they took on yogurt aimed at kids.

It's nothing new to see food manufacturers targeting children through advertisements. It's also common for companies to alter their products to appeal to children. Sweetening yogurt and packaging the fruity flavors in decorative cartons is one popular way to get the attention of children and parents at the grocery store. 

The testers, who include a registered dietician, restaurant manager and personal chef, decided to see if those youth-friendly yogurts were any good.

Here's what they found:

Yoplait Kids
Judges preferred this brand over the others because they said it tasted the most like "adult" yogurts. They sampled the strawberry flavored version and found the texture and color similar to any of the Yoplait yogurts on the market. "This has a strong strawberry flavor and it's very smooth and tasty," said one panelist. "I like the pale pink color and the mildly sweet taste," said another. The balance between sweet and tangy tastes made this a hit.

Dannon Dan-o-Nino
The consistency of this yogurt gave it an edge over the competition. "It's sweet and creamy and I love that it comes in such a cute little cup," said one panelist. The texture was "like yogurt should be," said one judge. Another said she liked the look better than the taste. Overall, judges said they would have preferred a bit more sweetener in the flavor. "The only ones who I think would really like this are kids who love the flavor of pure, unflavored yogurt — in other words, none," said one taster.

stonyfield.jpgStonyfield Organic Yo Kids
Unlike some of the other smooth yogurts, this organic brand was very watery. Judges said the wet texture made it hard to taste the strawberry/vanilla flavorings. "It reminds me of raspberry sherbet," said one judge. Another said it also was probably too tart for her children.

Would they buy?

Yoplait --All four judges said yes.

Dannon -- One of the judges said yes.

Stonyfield -- None of the judges said yes.


For those of you who read food labels

Yoplait Kids
3 ounces
Calories/Fat/Fiber  70 / 1g / 0g
Sugars / Sodium 9g / 45mg
Carbs / Protein  13g / 3g

Dannon Dan-o-nino
1.76 ounces
Calories/Fat/Fiber  60 / 2g / 0g
Sugars / Sodium 7g / 25mg
Carbs / Protein   7g / 25mg

Stonyfield Organic
4 ounces
Calories/Fat/Fiber  80 / 1g / 0g
Sugars / Sodium 13g / 80mg
Carbs / Protein   14g / 4g

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