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Tea Party civics class for kids



Our colleague Marlene Sokol reports here that the Saturday morning civics classes for children were such a hit this past summer, that there will be October sessions of its Tampa Liberty School in Carrollwood and Brandon.

"The school is dedicated to educating, enlightening, and exciting the youth of America, as to the fundamental principles and beliefs on which this country was founded," the notice said.

Will we start seeing civics as a new trend among politically minded parents?

Civics is a hot topic these days. Just last year the Florida Legislature passed a law that required civics education in middle schools. The kids have to take a civics course and pass a standardized test about what they’ve learned before they can go on to high school. I have to say, my middle schooler loved his civics class last year. It was by far his favorite.

The Florida law was prompted by the growing evidence that many of today's young people are leaving high school with little understanding of how the American system of democracy works. Schools have become increasingly focused on meeting reading and math goals set by the state and federal governments, which can leave little time for teaching civics and citizenship. And judging by voting rates and civic involvement, many citizens are increasingly disengaged.

So that brings us back to the Tea Party. According to the news article, these are the principles taught:

• "Blending freedom and responsibility requires virtuous, moral and educated citizens."

• "Our inalienable human rights do not come from government leaders, but only from God."

• "Faith in God was fundamental to the founding of our country and the system provided."

More information is at

Would you send your child to a civic class like this?

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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