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They Might Be Giants makes science fun on new CD



One of my kids' favorite CDs of the past year or so has been an unlikely blend of quirky rock and math. Here Come the 1-2-3s by They Might Be Giants, featured such wacky, yet catchy tunes as The Secret Life of Six, Figure Eight and Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip. The songs are fun for kids but also rockin' enough for parents.

Now TMBG has a new CD that has quickly gone into heavy rotation in our car. Here Comes Science takes on everything from archaeology to zoology, sliding in good lessons amid the clever lyrics. There are songs about the spectrum of light (Roy G. Biv) and chemistry (Meet the Elements), biology (The Bloodmobile) and astronomy (Why Does the Sun Really Shine?). Probably the hardest rocking number is I Am A Paleontologist -- and I should mention that the videos on the accompanying DVD are a real treat as well:

There's also nothing like hearing your kid wandering around singing, "The sun is a miasma of incandescent plasma/It's not just simply made out of gas, no no no..."

The album is due out Tuesday, Sept. 22 (Sept. 8 if you pre-order on Amazon) but you can get downloads now on iTunes. TMBG is touring mostly in the Northeast to promote the album and so far no dates are set for Florida. But if we're lucky, they'll hear us all singing about science and rock on down here.

-- Sherry Robinson

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