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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Tips for a boo-hoo day



Mom_peeringmomWill this be you on the first day of school next week, peering through the door to get one last look at your tot? Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando counties start school Monday, Pinellas on Tuesday.

Count me as one mom preparing for a boo-hoo breakdown. My 3-year-old is headed to preschool Monday in Tampa. It's nothing I look forward to. In fact, I took the day off so I could cry my eyes out. I know she'll love it and I'll survive, but right now I need a plan. Here are some tips from my Momma friends:

* Plan a boo-hoo breakfast: Some schools have a tradition, arranging coffee and donuts to steal parents away -- and steel their nerves. If there is no official event at your school, plan a breakfast with your husband or other mom friends after the dropoff is complete. Sharing your total distress with sympathetic pals can help.

* Get your child excited: Be it the new backpack or the promise of toys, games and other children, make sure you emphasize that fun is in store. Also, attend the school's open house and meet your child's teacher. The more excited your child is, the less chance of a messy dropoff that will really get your tears flowing.

* Put your stamp on it: As a parent, what are you really scared of? That your child is growing up, apart from you. Take steps to keep the bond close. Be it a note in the snack box or a special school accessory, make sure your child feels loved every hour you're apart. One friend suggested teaching your child the sign language for "I love you" so you can signal from afar. Or, take a page from the delightful children's book, The Kissing Hand, where a mama raccoon assures her nervous school-bound son by kissing his palm to comfort him when he's away.

Mommas out there, you have other good tips to share? Chime in!

-- Amy Hollyfield   

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