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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Tips for moving into a new house



Many families pick the winter break as a time to make a move to lessen school disruption. Or, if you are planning one for the next big break in spring or summer, now is the time to plan. Our Suburban Diva, Tracey Henry offers another round of moving tips, having just weathered this storm herself:

It’s hard to believe that already a month has passed since our move from Tampa to Tennessee. On this historic anniversary, I thought I’d pass along a few more tips if a family relocation is in your future:

While I consulted a checklist from Atlas to make my life easier, it was advice from fellow Moms that I sought to help ease my kids into our new life:

Before you leave, make up calling cards with your child’s new phone number and/or address to give to his friends. The lovely and talented Design Mom   made hers, but I ordered some free ones from Vistaprint. (You have to pay the shipping is the catch.)  These cards come in handy even if you aren't moving. It's a fast way to hand over your digits to a teacher, coach or babysitter.

Manic Mommy advised to make sure to get copies of all of their medical and dental records before leaving instead of sending away for them later. The last thing you have time to do is fill out paperwork and wait for faxes during a move.  She also encouraged us to get involved early in sports and activities, which we certainly found to be true. My son’s new high school actually has a department dedicated to transfer students. If a resource like this is available, take full advantage of it.

My good friend Sharon -- a seasoned mover -- gave me a very interesting tip. She said that if you’re moving during the school year, try to make their first day of school a Wednesday. From her multiple moves over the years she has noticed that a Monday start doesn’t leave much time or attention on the new student, but a Wednesday seems to work better. This also helps if the first day isn’t stellar -- the weekend will be here soon enough. “Anyone can get through three days.”

And finally from my own experience: Invitations. Accept them all, extend even more. You never know where you’ll meet a friend.

--Tracey Henry

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