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Tips for taking your child to a live performance



superwhy.jpgThe producers of Super WHY Live, which is coming to Tampa July 28, sent us a helpful guide to taking children to their first live stage performance. Fortunately the reading-powered series from PBS Kids knows its audience and won't be offended by cheering or little fans popping out of their seats to dance along. But Angela C. Santomero, creator of Super WHY and Blue’s Clues, offered these tips on making their first stage show a memorable one:

Set The Stage – Talk to your child in the weeks and days leading up to the event.  If they haven’t been to a theater before, describe the stage and seating, the lights and sounds, the characters and their performances, the acting, dancing and singing.  Discuss how their favorite characters from TV will “come to life” on stage.  Knowing what to expect is a key to making the live show experience exciting and magical.

Know the Score – Listen to the music from the show you are going to see, so children will already be familiar with it before the show.

Dress Rehearsal – Have your kids come dressed up as their favorite character. It’s a great way to get them into the spiritand to make them feel like they’re a part of the show.

You’ve Got the Power! – Let your kids know this show encourages, unlike most performances for grownups, encourages its young audience to shout-out their responses to the characters and dance and sing along with all the engaging action.  No need for “inside voices” during this interactive production.

Super Readers – Turn the experience into a super reading expedition!  Show children the letters and numbers on their tickets before arriving and have them help identify the section, aisle and seat where you’ll be sitting.  Play an “I spy” spelling game until the show begins with familiar elements all around the theater (lights, curtains, seats, etc.).

Curtain Call – Arrive early so preschoolers can take a mini tour of the venue – and don’t forget to visit the bathroom before the opening curtain. Snacks and naps ahead of time also help for making a happy audience.

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