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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Toddlers learn feet are for walking, not eating



The Little Monkey and the Koala Bear have turned 15 months old, and to celebrate, I guess, they both joined the ranks of mobile bipeds. Yep, they took their first steps. BabyCenter says most babies take first steps between 11 and 14 months old, but some try it as early as 8 months, others as late as 17 months. So we were on the latter end of the spectrum, though I am not complaining.

My Facebook friends had some things to say on the matter (names removed to protect the cynical):

Friend 1: Trip ’em! Knock ’em down. Once they are mobile you are toast.
Friend 2: Babies are like drunk little people.
Friend 3: You're so doomed.

One had some practical advice:
Friend 4: Put the Ming vases on the higher shelf!

(Okay, not that practical, as we don’t have that many Ming vases lying around. We have dogs and cats, people, and not that much money. But I did move a stack of formerly unreachable magazines. Everything else has been pretty much childproofed -- or dogproofed -- already.)

And one had some sympathy:
Friend 5: Koala will go one way and Monkey will go the other --- GOOD LUCK!!!

So far it hasn’t been too bad. Standing up and walking is more like a fun way to show off rather than a mode of transportation. (Koala doesn’t do anything without saying, without actual English words but clearly intelligible just the same, “Look at me, Momma! LOOK AT ME!”) Believe me, honey bunny, I'm looking!

My husband and I keep looking at them, half amazed, half puzzled. Our house used to be so quiet. When the girls came, it got noisier, but they were still little lumps that didn't move much. Now, there are these little people in here. Walking around! As soon as I get used to something, it changes. (I know you experienced parents will tell me that sensation never goes away.)  

Now that the weather has broken, we hope to spend a lot more time outdoors, at the playground or the park. That means my Little Deal Divas need to go shoe shopping!


-- Kate Brassfield

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