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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Treats for kids that are not candy!



You'd think we'd get the message by now with our national obesity crisis that we can reward kids without giving them a lollipop every time we wantmom_bandz.jpg to say "Good job" or "Thanks for visiting my store." So I'll open it up here for suggestions for the teacher's treasure chest (which will open sooner than we think) or the waiting room's treat basket: What can they give out that's not candy?

Silly Bandz: A lot of teachers are starting to loathe these shaped rubber bands but I see them on the wrists of kids age 4 to 14 these days. When I brought out a packet of them to bribe, er I mean encourage, good behavior at a field trip I was chaperoning, I was mobbed by a pack of 7 year olds. Of course, it's not just kids who love them these days.

Other items that can be found at a dollar store:
Keychain flashlights (Anything that lights up gets their attention. Maybe they should sell kids' novelties with the cat toys)
Plastic insects or snakes
Hair ribbons or barrettes

Any other suggestions?
~ Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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