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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Try some new traditions for Father's Day



dad.jpgI'm a big fan of made-up family traditions, so with Father's Day coming up I checked Meg Cox's revised Book of New Family Traditions for some ideas on how to make Father's Day more memorable. Among her suggestions:

Guy Day Adventures: One family decided to create a Father's Day ritual for all the men in the family including the sons that every year is a new guy adventure. Their adventures included a local air show one year, touring a naval shipyard, a train museum. The women in the family, "who would be bored by these things," pay for the excursion and meet up at the picnic dinner at the end of the day.

Daddy's Toolbox: Take any sort of box, such as a shoe box, and let kids decorate it and fill it with tokens, toys, drawings or anything they want their dad to keep close. You can make it funny with items such as:

  • Marbles -- To replace the ones you will lose
  • Penny -- To you the cents (sense) to know how valued you are
  • Heart -- (A paper heart is fine) to remind you that I love you
  • Rope -- In case you are at the end of yours
  • Rubber band-- To remind you to be flexible
  • Paper Clip -- To hel you hold things together

Other ideas include candy, Band-Aids, Lego blocks, mini sports tokens like footballs, friendship bracelet, buttons and stickers.

A T-Shirt to Melt His Heart: Get a white cotton T-shirt, fabric paints in bright colors and a paintbrush. Pour some paint into a shallow foil baking pan then have kids make hand or foot prints on the shirts and write on them "I'm in good hands with Dad," or "I want to walk in Dad's footsteps" For more than one child you can change the workding to "We're in good hands ..." and such. This could be a cute tradition as the foot prints get bigger every year.

I've been getting a lot out of this book. A section called Ritual Recipes shows how to invent your own traditions from scratch. Find out more at

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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