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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Tween birthday party games that won't get you in trouble



partyhat.jpgAs we sat down to plan an upcoming tween’s birthday party and the extravagant ideas started swirling, I had to remind myself that some of the best kids’ birthday parties that I’ve hosted or attended were among the most simple celebrated at home.

Our kids don’t get birthday parties every year. We celebrate in different ways, but most years don’t include a traditional party. This year was a little different since we moved into a new state into a new school and we thought this might be a great opportunity to start to get to know my son’s new classmates.

While a golden opportunity, it is also presents a slight challenge. This is an awkward age anyway, and finding age-appropriate activities that don’t cost a small fortune for fifteen fifth grade boys took a little creativity and going old school when it came to a party at home.

We’ve decided to load the evening with some organized games for an “Amazing Race” type themed party. Two “challenges” that we have played in the past with post-Chuck E. Cheese and pre-high school guests include the silly pair of “Noodles and Doodles.”

~Wet Noodle. While sitting in a circle, two teams take turns trying to drop wet cooked (and cooled) spaghetti noodles into an empty 2-liter soda bottle at varying heights. The team to get around the circle first wins.

~Cheese Doodle. Donned with a couple of those plastic shower caps they give away at hotels, one person from each team gets their head covered with shaving cream. Teammates line up in front (again, at varying distances) and try to land Cheese Puffs onto the cream head. The team with the most doodles stuck at the end of the timer wins. (This is best played outside!)

These are two of our tried, tested and true tween party games -- how about yours?

--Tracey Henry

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