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UPDATE: LeBron James gets fined, apologizes for behavior

UPDATE: It was annouced on Thursday that LeBron James will be fined $25,000 for snubbing the media after his Cleveland Cavaliers were knocked out of the playoffs last week by the Orlando Magic. But what is more important is that he has admitted that he was wrong to leave the court without congratulating Magic players -- even if he did do it through the NBA commissioner David Stern.

Stern said Thursday night that he spoke with James on Wednesday. James, who had surgery Tuesday to remove a benign growth near his jaw, told Stern to convey his apology to the media before Game 1 of the NBA finals.

Mommas, it's a good lesson for your kids -- even if you make a mistake or you act like a sore loser, you can still do the right thing. Next, we'll actually want to hear from James who should apologize to his young fans and tell them why he was wrong to behave the way he did. Then, we'll really feel like he is growing up.


It's been a few days since the Orlando Magic knocked NBA superstar LeBron James and the Cleveland Mom_lebron Cavaliers out of the playoffs. It will be another disappointing off-season for the Cavs who seemed to be in the driver's seat of the Eastern playoffs until they ran into the Magic roadblock.

But why am I talking sports on the Whoa, Momma! blog? Because of James' behavior after the Magic won the game. He left the floor quickly without shaking hands with or congratulating any of the Magic players, a custom in basketball. Later, he refused to talk to the media, instead popping on some headphones and making his way to the team bus.

Now, the image of LeBron in all the advertisements and endorsements is that this is a nice guy who plays hard. Have you seen him dancing old school style in a State Farm commercial? And he probably is a nice guy. But he really acted like a spoiled brat after that game. He's lucky because the league decided not to fine him for his behavior.

Even though he got no league consequences, maybe fans -- and especially the parents of young fans -- will give a second thought before they buy something that he endorses. It's a good lesson for you to teach your kids that even though things may not work out your way, you still have to be gracious and a good sport. And sometimes that means doing things even when you don't want to.

When Little Leaguers finish up a game, they always line up and give high fives to the opposing team, no matter who wins. How can kids know that lesson better than a 24-year-old man? Maybe it's because when folks start calling you King James, you think everything is supposed to go your way. But it's not like that -- not on the basketball court, in school or in the real world. It's time King James learned that lesson.

-- Sherry Robinson

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