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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

UPDATE: Peanut butter bar added to list of product recalls



UPDATE: Since we first posted this blog today, more items have been added to the list of peanut butter products that are being pulled from shelves. Shannon Patten, media and community relations manager at Publix, says that the store has been instructed to pull NutriPals Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars and several energy bars (Luna, Zone Perfect and the Clif Bar) from shelves. Go here to see all the products that have been recalled.) The store had already pulled brands of Keebler and Little Debbie peanut butter crackers from the shelves.

Patten said that all of the products pulled contain peanut butter or peanut paste that was provided by the Peanut Corporation of America. For now, the products are being held in the storage rooms in the stores, she said. Anyone who purchased products at Publix but now fear they may be contaminated can return them to Publix for a full refund, she added.

Well, here we go again: Products containing peanut butter and peanut butter paste are being pulled from store shelves again Mom_pbcrakcers_2 after an outbreak of salmonella has left more than 470 people ill in 43 states.  Six deaths have been linked to the outbreak. So far, no cases have been reported in Florida.

This feels like deja vu all over again. In 2007, Peter Pan products were removed from shelves because of contamination in the stock. But that recall targeted jars of peanut butter. This time it's not the PB in your PB&J. It's an array of other peanut butter-related products that are being pulled. Snack cakes, cookies, candy and crackers have all been recalled in the past few days. Kellogg has recalled nearly 20 products after the possibility of contamination. It was confirmed on Monday that Salmonella was found in a single package of peanut butter crackers made by Kellogg. (For a list of the products pulled, check here).

Most of the salmonella cases have been found in the Northeast. Ohio has 64; Massachusetts, 40; Minnesota, 35. The illnesses began sometime last September and have continued through Jan. 12.

General Mills has now pulled several items from grocery stores. More stores are being proactive and taking products off the shelves as the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control investigate the outbreak. And while I'm glad they are investigating it, I guess I just wonder why these types of recalls keep happening?

I have one kiddo who loves peanut butter and eats it just about every day for lunch. Since he hasn't gotten sick from the jar we have been using for a while, I think we are probably okay. But to be on the safe side, I think I will probably find something else for him to eat after that jar is finished.

I know, I know. The realist in me says "no cases in Florida" and "no peanut butter in jars recalled" -- but the Momma in me says I don't want my child to be the first case. Stay tuned and we'll try to keep you updated on any further developments.

-- Sherry Robinson

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