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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Vacation: Day 6ish -- Food!



 We have meandered our way across Ohio and New York by way of Cooperstown -- or as I like to refer to it, YouCan’tParkThatBigPooperstowninCooperstown. And now that our home is actually mobile, I have to say that traveling this way with four kids has its advantages.

A road trip of this magnitude in a mere sedan wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable nor as  much fun. While the Mom_campfood miles fly by outside, we can eat, play games, watch movies and even change diapers without several stops and e coli exposure in gas station restrooms. Naps need not be vertical, and meals can come from a kitchen rather than a grease-stained paper bag. It’s kind of nice to make a peanut butter sandwich and a plate of fruit for lunch rather than trying to clear a McDonald’s drive through.

In fact, dining on this trip has been one of the highlights. We have eaten like kings (monarchs with a penchant for marshmallows) and it’s been delicious. We’ve grilled outside most nights, and whenever possible we’ve stopped at local farm stands so everything is fresh and tasty. I found some interesting recipes on which for the most part worked out well. The refrigerator and freezer are surprisingly generous, so we were able to plan and shop for a lot of meals in advance.

So with the exceptions of a charred pot roast in the maiden voyage of the cast iron dutch oven and the Aldosta-vay Ouper-gray, meals on the road have been relatively  happy.

-- Tracey Henry, the Suburban Diva


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