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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Valentine's Day boudoir photos: Do you dare?



Ladies, Saturday is Valentine's Day. It's the one holiday that doesn't induce Mom_boudoir panic because, let's face it, we Mommas get off pretty easily. Buy a dozen cupcakes and a pack of Jonas Brothers valentines, and your kid is set at school. Now you can kick back and wait for the man in your life to shower you with roses and chocolates.

But do your hips really need another Whitman's Sampler? More importantly, does your love life? This year, some Mommas are opting to give a gift that benefits their hubby or boyfriend -- and let's face it, themselves: boudoir photography.

The CliffsNotes version is this: You get dolled up in lingerie, heels, perfect hair and flawless makeup. A professional, non-skanky photographer captures you on film. You present the pics to your man for V-Day. He goes ga-ga, reminded of your pre-baby hotness. Canoodling ensues.

Everybody wins.

What do you think, Mommas? Would you bare (nearly) all to rekindle the passion this Valentine's Day? Would your guy even appreciate such a gift? There's still time to schedule a photo shoot, if you dare.

-- Guest Momma Dalia Colon

[Photo: That's Laura Garcia who was photographed at Buffalo Gal Vintage in St. Petersburg by Fiona Bagwan.]

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