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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Webcams let you peep on bird nests and hatchlings



birdcam.jpgHow weird is it that I can't stop watching the Eagle Cam? I'm sure your kids will love this too. My latest obsession is all the fault of our colleague Patty Ryan who wrote this story about the pastime of nest-watching made possible by increasingly affordable and sophisticated webcams, better broadband access and the rise of live hosting sites such as Ustream. The first of three eggs in a Dunedin osprey nest was seen hatching earlier this week, an event witnessed by anyone watching a Web camera trained on the nest.

One egg finally hatched on Tuesday and it was captured on screens as far away as Finland. The moms (and dads, in some cases) continue to sit on the young to keep them warm and to keep warming the remaining eggs. You see a half dozen different bird nest cameras our editors have collected links for here.

Many of these webcams have audio. So if you miss waking up with the birds in Tampa, you can hear them up close and personal a time zone or two away. In fact, at the Decorah, Iowa, site, songbirds are nesting in the tree beneath the eagles.  You also hear the wind hitting the microphone, and it gives a sense of how rugged the nests must be, and how determined these bird parents are to reproduce.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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