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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Webkinz eat cereal



I think we’ve got a squared-jawed mouse in our house.

It must be some sort of creature with rectangular teeth that bite along perforations. It prefers cereal boxes and pancake mix. Curiously, it somehow makes it into the freezer and digs into the frozen dinner rolls.

Mom_webkinzmousecropped_2 Upon further investigation, I have determined that the mysterious creature is not a mouse in need of orthodontic work, but a Webkinz.

Yes, the Beanie Baby of the 00’s. That little stuffed animal that every kid wants that can be impossible to find and looks like it was just tumbled through the dryer without fabric softener.

Our school is offering one of these as a prize to the student that collects the most Box Tops 4 Education, a program which I am more than happy to support and participate in (who doesn’t appreciate free money for their school just for cutting up trash?) but now I have a new helper with this task.

When my son heard about the contest, it seems he began his collection efforts. He went through the pantry, refrigerator and freezer looking for the box tops. He even found that our brand of diapers carried the seal, and absconded those as well. And while I certainly applaud and support his fundraising efforts, I just wish he would have waited until the packages were empty.

We now have shelves of Cheerios instead of bowls. We’ve got piles of Pillsbury rolls, mounds of muffin mix, and heaps of Hamburger Helper. It’s gotten quite messy.

And with all of this open food around, I’m worried that we may just attract a snaggletoothed mouse after all.

At least he can keep company with the new Webkinz.

-- Suburban Diva

[Photo: Ganz]

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