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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

We're not your real parents (and other April Fool's pranks)



Okay, that would be so wrong and so mean so don't try that one. But let's start thinking of some April Fool's Day pranks to play on or with the kids. Here's some of the ones my mischievous friends and family have done (or tried) in the past:Whoopee

 Prank the kids

  • Freeze milk in their cereal bowls. In the morning top the frozen milk with some cereal and a splash of fresh milk for effect.
  • Get some Pop-its (those white tadpole shaped noisemakers that make a loud snap when squeezed or thrown to the ground) and put them between the toilet seat and rim. The first person to sit on it will be in a good spot when you scare the poop out of them.
  • Another Pop-it option is to tape them to the bottom of the kids' shoes. Distract them as you help them put their shoes on and watch them pop their way out the door.
  • Make meatloaf in cupcake tins and frost them with mashed potatoes.

Tricks to play on Dad

  • Put a rubber band around the spray nozzle on the sink and ask him to get you a glass of water.
  • Go to his office and move his car and when he comes out of work, watch as he searches for his car. Stop him before he calls the police.
  • Hang a sexy pair of thong underwear on his bumper. Place the strings on each side of the license plate so there's no mistaking what it is.
  • Tape a big sign on the trunk that says "My family is playing an April Fool's Day joke on me. Honk at me!"

Don't blame me if no one is speaking to you on Wednesday. Some people need to learn to take a joke.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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