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What fun! Start your holiday stress early



Xmastree_2 Think of this upside down Christmas tree, (which I have to admit rocks my world), when you consider the coming busy holiday season. Wouldn't you rather spend December enjoying the holidays and your children instead of stressing out about how much you have to do? This is that lull before the storm (which Suburban Diva Tracey so hilariously wrote of) when I know this in my head but I also know the windstorm is coming where I'll be frantically trying to decorate, address the cards and pay double for last-minute shipping.

Why not start the windstorm now so you can cruise a bit later? That's the idea behind's "Cruising through the Holidays" plan. With weekly missions to gather supplies now, stock your pantry, get your greeting cards addressed and pick up gifts, the goal is to free you up to stop and smell the mistletoe next month.

Flylady_2 They actually got started over there a few weeks ago, but there's still time to heed some of this advice. The first one is to have a notebook with you where you will plan out your holidays. Will you be home or traveling? Plan your menus. Make a gift list and budget. Fifteen-minute missions (Flylady is famous for her timer) will have you clearing out the toy boxes, getting your silver polished and checking your supplies of tape and giftwrap now before things get hairy.

Keep in mind that this kind of  well-planned holiday season is a good way to ensure you won't have to deal with money problems next year. And it sure would be nice to spend December having fun and taking care of yourself.

But who are we kidding? I probably won't.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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