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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

What I miss most? Doing my daughters' hair



Of course I miss my girls, and of course I miss my husband. Working out of town Mom_doinghair for two months has its challenges.

But of all the daily, little things, my heart aches to do my daughters' hair. To brush it repeatedly and talk about what's coming up that day. To create a style of ponytails or braids or some other negotiated look. To pick the matching ribbon or barrette or other accessory that puts the punch in an outfit.

No offense to my husband, but his skills max out at ponytails. And, not entirely perfect ones, either. I pride myself on neat, cool styles. The side braid; the top/bottom ponytails; the THREE-ponytail style. I may be guilty of uneven pigtails. But usually, my girls walk out with a tight hairstyle, strong enough to hold at least until recess.

And it's not just missing the experience. It's wondering what they look like without me! Is my little one walking around with wild, uncombed hair? Is my 8-year-old conning her dad into letting her go au naturel, sans brushing?!

At least, I'm home on weekends. Judge me on the Saturdays and Sundays!

-- Amy Hollyfield

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