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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Whoa, Momma! turns 1



Mom_firstbirthdaycake It was one year ago today that we officially birthed a bouncing baby parenting blog here on With the hundreds of thousands of hits on the blog in our first year, we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. Let's stick our fingers in our cake and smear some memories around, shall we?

Right off the bat we took a cue from the Chief Budget Officers of the household and started a weekly rundown of Free and Cheap things to with your kids. In fact, we recently told you about the various free and  cheap summer movie programs for kids around the bay area. In between sharing embarrassing stories of kids who drew a penis on their alien drawings and moms spilling red wine all over the homework (My favorite reader advice from that one: "Jell-O shots don't stain and they bounce right off of homework!"), we played celebrity baby name Boggle and put Moxie CrimeFighter and Zuma on notice. And you like the dish on celebrity parents.

And we love lists. That's why we came up with these 5 ways to avoid losing your kids in a theme park, and these 5 questions to answer before getting a dog and this list of the most kid friendly restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. We even told you where the best places were in the bay area to breastfeed in public (it's not just in the back seat of your car --  that's an option but not in the Florida heat). And we gave you a list of five things to do with your kids this summer.

And oh, the debates. Readers hammered me for confessing that I could see how a harried mother could forget a baby in a hot car (so put your purse in the back seat), and they hammered each other over breastfeeding, spanking and whether it's a good idea to take an 11 year old to a shooting range. And how you bickered over whether LeBron James was being a brat or not for walking off the court and not shaking hands with opponents after a loss. You even had a story or two to tell when we wrote school resolutions for the slacker mom.

We've enjoyed answering your questions and getting your tips. Thanks to all the Mommas both at the Times and among our readers who have made this first year so much fun. As we enter the Terrible 2s, we hope you all continue to be our play date and sounding board. Now, pass us some cake.

-- Sharon Kennedy Wynne and Sherry Robinson

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