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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Wii Fit makes me want to throw one



Amywii_3 I’m horribly embarrassed to admit this, but here goes. My new Wii Fit thinks I am . . . 61 years old. Sixty-one?!?!? No offense to anyone, but at 37, that hurts. This calculation, based on my age and my performance on certain tests, is a smack in the face.

But really, no surprise. Since the birth of my first daughter eight years ago, I have put on 30 pounds. Not to mention that before that, I put on 30 pounds in four years of marriage. A horrible track record, wouldn’t you say?

My problem is I find myself choosing between being a mom and being fit. That was, until Wii Fit. Here’s pure exercise that works as a family activity. I go through my training and my kids cheer me on. Both my girls have been exercising since this game debuted in our house. Plus, I’m boxing, I’m skiing, I’m doing yoga — all kinds of things that help me be a better mom.

And I have never laughed so hard as when my 2-year-old tried to slalom down a mountain. You’re supposed to lean your body left or right to go through the gates, but her squat body was flopping all over the place as we yelled, “LEFT” “RIGHT” “LEEEEEEEEFTT!!”

Now if I could only pull down my Wii Fit “age.” At least by a couple of decades.

- Amy Hollyfield

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