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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Working Mommas: Sex (and sex toys) important!



Reading a survey in the February/March Working Mother magazine made me Mom_coupleinbed wonder if it was safe for work. The mag asked working Mommas if sex was on their radar. Mommas gave an earful. Did Miranda from Sex and the City decide to finally get some working mom friends and respond to the survey? Nothing was held back including the fact that they really want more sex and don't mind using toys or porn to get things started.

Among the results:

—  More than half the respondents reported having sex at least once a week. Nearly a third — 29 percent — have sex two or more times a week.

—  Nearly two-thirds — 63 percent — said they want more sex on a regular basis.

— However, 44 percent said that they're usually not in the mood when sex is initiated but then they totally enjoy it. Thirty-nine percent said that when they have sex, they’re usually in the mood and totally enjoy it.

— Here's (sort of) good news for the guys: 93 percent said they remain attracted to their husbands at least some of the time. Only 7 percent reported no attraction at all.

— Here's the naughty part:  More than 70 percent said that they use adult movies and sex toys, mainly to spice things up in the bedroom. Wowza!

“Working mothers are neither the frazzled nor frumpy stress cases that permeate media stereotypes,” said Working Mother Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Riss. “Instead, they are interested, active and looking for ways to improve their sex lives."

So the next time you want to call those fugly jeans Jessica Simpson was wearing Mom jeans, think about this survey. It appears some Mommas would really rather take those off.

-- Sherry Robinson


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