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Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Your Child's Coach



Allstar_soccer_pic_2 This photo, taken at an All-Star game in our neighborhood soccer league, has nothing to do with the subject at hand: WE NEED COACHES.

Gustavo, the world-class player we recruited last season, had to take a job in Lakeland. Mohammed, who coached hundreds of players including both my children, is recovering from a Christmas Day car wreck. Mirian is in online college, others kind of disappeared, and I quit coaching when The Times reclassified me from editor to reporter. Work comes first and, in my current job, that sometimes means working after-hours.

At our draft this past weekend, the board tried to pencil me in for a U-6 team. Mind you, I'm not Mia Hamm; they were just that desperate. But I held firm. Now they are recruiting coaches from the ranks of parents because we never, ever like to turn away children.

Parents, no matter where you are, I hope that if you can play a sport and get that frantic phone call -- or if you can be a team mom or dad, which requires no athletic skill whatsoever -- you will give it some serious thought. With so much stress at home, now more than ever kids need these happy childhood memories.

-- Marlene Sokol, Times Coach (well, not really a coach this season, just helping out when I can)

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