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Whoa, Momma!

Sharon Kennedy Wynne, Tracey Henry and Suzannah DiMarzio

Your child's coach has evolved



I was okay with our 1-1 tie this week. Maybe I learned a lesson after last week's loss made me so angry that I carelessly stubbed my toe and I'm pretty sure I broke it.

Owen_3But back to this week: I brought back the shot-on-goal contest. It's so simple it's ridiculous: Eat a Happy Meal for lunch on Friday (you can get then with apple slices) and give the toy to whichever player takes the most shots on goal at Saturday's game. Don't reward the goal: That's a prize in itself. Concentrate on the number of shots.

Ethan, who is uber-competitive, kept asking what the count was, which helped because you need a buzz. Then Owen, (shown above) who had never scored a game goal and desperately wanted one before he moves up to U-9, took a shot and got his wish!

Dillon, who came in second in the shooting contest (Ethan won) really, really, really wanted the toy. We have one more game before playoffs, so he gets another chance next week! As a coach, nothing beats seeing a kid score his first goal. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Marlene Sokol, Times coach

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