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Bicycles + cars = danger



Maybe it’s because more people are riding bicycles.  Maybe it’s because more people are driving larger cars.  Maybe it’s because there are just more people.  Whatever the reason, people riding bicycles on the roads in Tampa Bay are getting hit by cars more frequently than ever , and many of these accidents are fatal.  The most recent bicycle accident happened in Tampa and is reported on page 10B of today’s Times.  This time, the bicyclist was at fault for not having lights, not wearing a helmet and not wearing reflective clothing.  Read the article and tell us what you think.  Are you a safe bicycle rider?  Do you look for bicyclists when riding in a car?  What could the Bay area do to make it safer for everyone?  Leave your ideas here on our blog.

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 9:25am]


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