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To build a tail: Part three



A big investment


Dan Strzempka and Kevin Carroll invested a lot of time and money to create a new tail for Winter. During their two years of research, they built 50 prototypes and put in hundreds of unpaid hours. John Barry writes the following in the Part 3 of the article: "They burned through about $200,000 of Hanger's money on myriad designs. Winter used up 20 cases of KY. Dan fried the high-tech, $3,000 microprocessor in his own prosthesis by kneeling at the squirting end of Winter's water hose."

In the first paragraph of the last section of this article, Barry writes, "The project started as an interesting challenge, but two years later, what had it all been for? How was one dolphin worth so much time and money? Dan and Kevin didn't worry about that in the beginning. The nights and weekends were theirs to give, and innovation always leads someplace unexpected."

What do you think about the investment of time and money? Do you think it was a good idea and worth the effort for one dolphin? What are the benefits of creating the new tail?

Can this technology be used for other purposes? What examples are given tin the article o suggest this?

Share your thoughts and ideas here.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:11pm]


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