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Growing promise about stem cell research



The topic of stem cell research is making headlines again, this time as an option for people with diseases of the blood, heart, and eyes.  The stem cells being used are coming directly from the adult patient’s blood or bone marrow, rather than anonymous embryos of the past decade.  Diseases like leukemia and lymphoma have been treated, heart and artery tissues have been strengthened, and eyes have been made to see again.  All of these things are becoming possible through researching adult stem cell growth, a topic that does not raise emotionally charged debates in the general public.  Do you remember how you felt about embryonic stem cell research a few years ago?  Does this current research change your opinion?  Read "Growing promise”  on page 8A of today’s Times and share your thoughts here on our blog.

[Last modified: Thursday, August 5, 2010 11:45am]


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