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Summer Readers: Start Sizzlin'!

Sizsummerlogo_3 We are lucky to live in Florida where so much sea life is easily accessible. A walk on a beach, a paddle down a local river or even a peek into a nearby retention pond will expose you to all types of creatures that live in or near the water. You can read in the St. Petersburg Times about the creatures that live in the waters and woods around us and what is being done to protect their habitats.

This week’s Hot Spot activity
If you read this week's Hot Spot activity on Monday, June 9th, you learned about the Coral Reef Gallery at the Florida Aquarium, an artificial reef modeled after the coral formations of the Dry Tortugas off the Florida Keys. Housed in a 500,000-gallon tank, the reef provides the base for a community of more than 1,600 coral reef residents. Artificial reefs provide habitat for all kinds of marine plant and animal life. On land, structures also provide habitat for wildlife. Insects live in and around our homes; birds often nest around buildings or under bridges; mice take shelter in our cities.

Look in the St. Petersburg Times for photos of manmade structures that could make good habitats for animals, birds or plants. Cut out the pictures and write down why these structures make good habitats. If you read something interesting about Florida wildlife this week, be sure to share it with other students across Tampa Bay here at our Summer Times Reader Blog. Just click on the comment button below and start blogging!

If you want to participate in the Summer Reader program, go to for details on how to get started!

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