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Summer Readers: Keep Sizzlin'

Sizsummerlogo_3 Now that summer is in full swing, you have some free time to enjoy some of the wonderful museums of Tampa Bay. This week’s HOT SPOT, Great Explorations The Children Museum, is one of those museums. At Great Explorations, you will learn about science through creativity, play and exploration.

This week’s HOT SPOT activity

Think about what the bay means to you. Do you like to swim, go fishing or boating, and watch wildlife? Can you think what school subjects and outside activities might prepare you to work in the environment and help to protect it? Look through this week’s St. Petersburg Times, find and clip out as many articles, photographs and graphics as you can that focus on this week’s theme: environment and the Tampa Bay Estuary. What you are creating is called a clip file, which is a collection of articles cut from newspapers and magazines on a particular topic. You can keep these clippings in a file folder or notebook. If you are using the e-Edition of the Times, you can print out the items you find, or make pdfs and create an electronic clip file. You might want to supplement your St. Petersburg Times clip file with articles and pictures you find in other publications or on the Internet. Be sure to include the source and date of your clipping, for history’s sake! What can you do to improve the health of the Tampa Bay Estuary? Share your thoughts with others in this blog. Just click on the comment button below to share your thoughts.

If you want to participate in the Summer Reader program, go to for details on how to get started.

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