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The issues matter

Do you think that just because you aren’t old enough to vote this election won’t affect you? You couldn’t be more wrong! Decisions made by our elected officials today can have a tremendous impact on your future. Do you worry about how you are going to pay for college, or wonder if there will be a job for you when you graduate from high school? Do you feel safe at school, at home or while traveling? Are you concerned about the environment, individual rights or gun control? If you plan on voting, you need to be aware of how the two presidential candidates feel about these issues. If you are too young to vote in this election, you still can influence your family and friends of voting age by sharing the facts about each candidate’s views, and by letting your voice be heard on topics that concern you. NIE wants to know what you think. Share your views about the candidates and the issues here on the NIE Blogging Zone.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 12:05pm]


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