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Logan Grutchfield

Logan Grutchfield

Being nice

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.”

                                – A Swedish Proverb

Kindness is being nice and considerate toward others, being friendly and helpful. Comment about your own experiences of giving or receiving kindness. Click on the following links to read some newspaper articles about acts of kindness. How do these make you feel? What do you think about these stories of kindness?

"Boy Caught the Nice Bug
"Random Act of Kindness Ripples through Community"
"A Classy Act of Kindness"  

Here is a dilemma that you can give your own advice about:

Sam is given a partner that is a slow runner for Field Day. Even though Sam is the fastest runner at his school, his team did not win the race. Some classmates tease Sam because his team lost.

On one hand, Sam could blame his teammate for the loss. On the other hand, Sam could be kind and praise his teammate for trying his best. What should Sam say and do? Share your comments and opinions by clicking on the link below.

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