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No more chocolate milk?

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It is very possible that your school lunch options may change next August.  Chocolate milk may be off the menu.  Why?  Read all about it on page 1A of today's Times, "“Chocolate milk off the menu?” The Board of Education is concerned about your health and your weight.  Flavored milk contains too much sugar and fat, they say.  White milk and water are more appropriate choices for schools concerned with students’ troubles with obesity.  The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made childhood obesity a key platform issue while she is in the White House.  She would probably agree that chocolate milk is a poor choice.  If you show up to school on the first day in August, and chocolate milk is not available, what will you drink instead?  What other healthy choices are you making in your lunch routine?  Tell us here on the NIE blog!

[Last modified: Friday, July 30, 2010 11:03am]


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