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Protecting marine mammals



Meet Winter


Reading the "Related stories" about Winter will give you a little background information about her.

Winter was just an infant when she was found more than two years ago off Cape Canaveral. She was deserted by her mother and tangled in a rope attached to a crab trap. The ordeal damaged not only her flukes but also part of her peduncle, or tail shaft.

While bottlenose dolphins are not endangered, some populations are declining in number. Threats to dolphins are the result of human interaction. Dolphins are accidentally caught in fishing gear, including nets, crab traps and shrimp trawls. Pollution also effects dolphins' habitats. If you were a scientist in charge of restoring a habitat, what actions would you take? What would you do to reduce pollution?  How would you encourage others not to pollute? How could Winter help encourage people to be more careful? Click on the comment button to share your thoughts and ideas.

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